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    Developmental Dynamics: Volume 247, Issue 2

    February 2018

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Issue Information

  • Pages: 263-267
  • First Published: 16 January 2018

COVER PHOTOGRAPH: Ventral patterning in the vertebrate embryonic spinal cord. Depicted is the floor plate (red), V3 interneuron (green) and motor neuron (magenta) progenitors. These progenitor domains require the balance of Shh pathway activation and repression to resolve into mutually distinct exclusive boundaries. From: Ventral neural patterning in the absence of a Shh activity gradient from the floorplate; Angelo Iulianella, Daisuke Sakai, Hiroshi Kurosaka and Paul Trainor; Developmental Dynamics 247:170–184.


Fish as Model Organisms: Killifish Biology/Zebrafish as Models for Developmental Disease & Repair Special Issue Review Articles

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Gut feelings: Studying enteric nervous system development, function, and disease in the zebrafish model system

  • Pages: 268-278
  • First Published: 04 October 2017
Key Findings

  • Enteric progenitor cells show spatiotemporal heterogeneity based on gene expression and display a gradient of developmental stages along the anterior-posterior axis of the gut.
  • Many genes and signaling pathways have been identified that play a role in early ENS development, such as enteric progenitor cell migration and proliferation, but regulation of later steps of ENS development, especially steps of neuronal and glial differentiation, remain poorly understood.
  • Zebrafish is an important model system to test human ENS disease candidate genes, to identify environmental regulators of ENS, for example, through large-scale drug screens, and to investigate the influence of the gut microbiota on ENS development and disease.

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Animal models of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva

  • Pages: 279-288
  • First Published: 15 November 2017
Key Findings

  • FOP is a disease characterized by explosive heterotopic ossification.
  • FOP is caused by activating mutations in ACVR1.
  • Roles for Activin ligand signaling in FOP have recently been discovered.
  • Zebrafish are useful models to study human FOP.

Research Article

Fish as Model Organisms: Killifish Biology/Zebrafish as Models for Developmental Disease & Repair Special Issue Research Article

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hace1 Influences zebrafish cardiac development via ROS-dependent mechanisms

  • Pages: 289-303
  • First Published: 11 October 2017
Key Findings

  • Our study demonstrates that HACE1 is critical in the normal development and proper function of the heart via a ROS-dependent mechanism.

Research Articles

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Pten regulates neural crest proliferation and differentiation during mouse craniofacial development

  • Pages: 304-314
  • First Published: 08 November 2017
Key Findings

  • Pten.
  • PI3K/Akt signaling.
  • Neural crest cells.
  • Craniofacial development.
  • Cell proliferation and differentiation.

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Adult functions for the Drosophila DHR78 nuclear receptor

  • Pages: 315-322
  • First Published: 24 November 2017
Key Findings

  • DHR78 mutants have a shortened lifespan, reduced motility, and mated DHR78 mutant females display a reduced feeding rate.
  • Transcriptional profiling reveals a major role for DHR78 in promoting the expression of genes that are expressed in the midgut.
  • We also identify roles for DHR78 in maintaining the expression of genes in the ecdysone and Notch signaling pathways.
  • This study provides a new context for linking the molecular activity of the TR orphan nuclear receptors with their complex roles in adult physiology and lifespan.